First Choice for Commercial Scaffolding in Surrey | East Grinstead Scaffolding Ltd

Situated close by Surrey in Sussex’s East Grinstead, our scaffolding erectors regularly visit the area to provide an array of commercial scaffolding services. Whether you represent a property development or maintenance company, or are a sole trader in need of a reliable scaffolding company to work with on one or more projects, we’ll provide a service tailored to your requirements. We’re well aware, however, that many a scaffolder in the Surrey area purports to be the best option - so how do you sort the wheat from the chaff?

One way is to read on, as on this page we’ve looked to run over some of the most convincing reasons our loyal Surrey customers choose us over the competition. The aim is to help you make an informed decision, and one that you’re ultimately very happy with. After all, working alongside the right scaffolding company can simplify a project and help it proceed without incident, while working with a questionable firm can lead to delays or logistical problems…

Why Choose Our Scaffolding Erectors?

1. The Team – Many a scaffolding company hires willy-nilly or brings in sub-contractors who they haven’t worked with before; this is often to manage a project of a size they are not equipped to handle internally, or due to being a “budget” option that refuses to pay fairly for quality labour. Not East Grinstead Scaffolding Ltd. We hand-pick our scaffolding erectors from Surrey and Sussex’s very best, choosing experienced, qualified individuals who we trust to represent our brand name. They’re CITB trained, CRB checked and always use the right PPE.

2. Specialism – Some scaffolders spread themselves too thin, taking on any and all types of projects and labelling themselves a “Jack of all trades” within the industry. But commercial scaffolding requires a particular approach, and often, the size of the tasks called for requires a team well-versed in similar prior projects. As a commercial scaffolding specialist, we have the equipment, plant, and scaffolders at hand to facilitate safe working at height without cutting corners.

3. Reputation – As a result of our talented team and their approach to commercial scaffolding, word has travelled far and wide throughout Surrey, where we enjoy an immaculate reputation. The peace of mind this can provide a client is worth its weight in gold. While there are certainly scaffolding erectors who are new to the industry whose workmanship can be impressive, sometimes a track record and rich history of success in the field is what you want to look for.

4. Work Ethic – A poor work ethic can result in delays to a project, as well as cut corners that endanger the safety of the end user of a scaffolding structure. You want scaffolders who adhere to a stringent in-house practice, ensuring that workmanship will be top notch. This goes from the drawing up of initial designs, to the installation and subsequent inspections, which should be carried out to ensure a Surrey scaffolding structure remains safe for use all throughout its operation.

Decided we’re the team for the job? Good choice! Call our commercial scaffolding specialists, who cover Surrey and all surrounds, on 01342 712911