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Since 1993, East Grinstead Scaffolding Ltd has been handling the domestic, industrial and commercial scaffolding requirements of the Sussex area and surrounding counties. Our scaffolding erectors’ approach is one that prioritises the needs of the client, while keeping the most modern and sophisticated of health and safety practices firmly in mind at all times. Below, we’ve provided advice for end users of our scaffolds, so read on if you’re looking to learn more in this area, and continue to improve in all aspects of oversight.

Safety Tips When Working at Height

Regular Inspections – It’s essential that all scaffolding structures are regularly inspected by trained professionals. Yes, it’s true that when our scaffolders leave you, you’ll have a carefully designed and meticulously installed structure that will facilitate safe work at height; but it’s not guaranteed to remain that way. Why? Firstly, severe weather conditions can be a factor. Secondly, deterioration of the property to which the scaffold is attached. There’s also the possibility of vandalism, trespass / unlawful access, and any accident that can occur on a Sussex construction site which damages a vital element of the structure.

This isn’t even exhaustive. In short, bringing in scaffolding erectors regularly will ensure any emerging issues or structural weaknesses can be rectified with before work resumes. The severity of accidents that occur at height make it so it’s not worth the risk to try and bypass these inspections. And a quality scaffolding company, like East Grinstead Scaffolding Ltd, will ensure that said inspections do not disrupt your project, being scheduled in at a convenient time and carried out quickly and efficiently.

Use of PPE – If you’ve had our scaffolding erectors in to construct an access solution, you’ll have noticed they’re always using ample PPE, or personal protective equipment. This will typically include hardhats, high-vis jackets and sturdy work boots, in addition to gloves and goggles. But it’s not just the scaffolders that needs to use PPE… any end user should follow suit: even when carrying out the simplest and most seemingly safe work.

For there’s all sorts of accident that can cause you to fall from the scaffold, or otherwise sustain injury. Tools can be knocked off a higher level to one below, for example. By using PPE you ensure that should something go wrong, you and your team are safeguarded.

Workplace Organisation – Likewise, we recommend all Sussex clients keep their workplaces and scaffolds carefully organised and as tidy as possible. This reduces the chance of the aforementioned situation - something being knocked from the scaffold on to persons below – and the chance of stumbling and tripping, which can prove fatal should you be working at significant height.

Weather – “Whatever the weather” isn’t really an approach to be taken when working at height. While a scaffolding company will look to tailor a structure to prevent access of wind and rain, sometimes the weather is simply too frightful to safely work on a scaffold. It’s best to wait till it’s blown over, have the structure inspected by our Sussex based scaffolders, then continue once it’s safe to do so.

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